• What are the Award Programs that offer a Free Nomination Plan ?
    Under Free complimentary Nomination, you can Participate in any one of the award programs in City level, PER YEAR
    1. International Travel Awards
    2. International GM Awards
    3. International Dining Awards
    4. International Spa & Beauty Awards
    5. World Salon Awards
    6. World LifeStyle Awards
    7. World Real Estate Excellence Awards
    8. Arabian Best of Best Awards
    9. Asia Best of Best Awards
    10. Europe Best of Best Awards
    11. America Best of Best Awards
    12. Oceania Best of Best Awards
    13. International Technology Awards
    14. Global Tourism Award
    15. World CEO Awards
    16. World GM Awards
    17. Golden Employer Awards

  • How does the free Nomination Plan work ?
    The free Nomination plan allows you to nominate in any one award program per year under city level category

    Note : You are obliged to order any one of the Winner package if you become a winner under the complimentary nomination plan.

  • Is there a Fee to nominate / register in World GM Awards ?
    We offer 1 Complimentary nomination to participate at World GM Awards.

    If you are interested to Nominate in more than one award or Nominate your company individuals such as General Manager, Directors, Managers, HR Director, PR / Marketing Director, Sales Director then you are required to upgrade to Premium nomination plan

    Please have a look at the premium nomination plan inclusions and benefits at https://worldgmawards.com/fee-cost-involved
  • Who can be nominated for Individual Awards ?
    General Managers across the world from all industry are eligible to nominate into World GM Awards
  • Can I nominate my Company individual ?

    If you wish to nominate your company individual for the World GM awards then you are required to upgrade your nomination to the premium nomination package.

    Please refer the free & premium nominees package pricing and inclusions at https://worldgmawards.com/fee-cost-involved
  • How many categories can I nominate ?
    There are 3 level of Categories when you nominate for the World GM Awards. 

    •       City Level 
    •       Country Level 
    •       Regional or Continent Level 

    If you opt for a Complimentary Nomination plan then you are eligible to participate only in City Level competition. 

    Please have a look at the premium nomination plan inclusions and benefits at https://worldgmawards.com/fee-cost-involved
  • Can I change my nomination category after nomination ?
    You can change the category before the voting starts. Once our First Level Jury approves your nomination for voting, You cannot change award nomination category.
  • Can I nominate multiple Individuals in my account ?
    Yes. You can nominate multiple Individuals under your (same login) account.

    IMPORTANT :  You don't have to create a separate account for each nomination. You can manage all the nominations under one account.

    You are required to upgrade your account to premium plan to nominate in Multiple Awards or Multiple Nominations

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